Virginia Conference

The History of the Virignia Annual Conference

The Virginia Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized May 10, 1867 at Richmond, Virginia with Bishop Alexander Washington Wayman as the convener. The Reverend J. R. V. Thomas was elected secretary and Reverend William H. Hunter was elected assistant secretary.

At the invitation of St. John Chapel, Bishop Daniel A. Payne, Reverends Alexander W. Wayman and John Mifflin Brown went to Norfolk, Virginia in the fall of 1863. The members of this congregation had expressed a desire to unite with the Baltimore Conference of the AME Church. On October 13, 1863, the officers of St. John Chapel voted to unite with the Baltimore Conference. Bishop Payne appointed Reverend J. M. Brown pastor of the Norfolk church.

Other churches joined with the St. John congregation and became members of the Baltimore Conference and reported their work to that Conference until the formal organization of the Conference in 1867.

The Virginia Conference was composed of three Presiding Elder Districts Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Richmond/Roanoke. Currently, there are two Presiding Elder Districts: Norfolk/Eastern Shore and Portsmouth/Richmond/Roanoke.